3205Grid optimization for invoice data entry Haute⚒ Workingcore.ui.react
3204Optimizations for getlino in contributor environmentNormale⚒ Workinghosting
3203Only able to invoice for products (goods) but not services in Lino CosìNormale☐ Readydev.cosi
3202Thunderbird fails to compact Archive folderCritique☑ Closedinf.luc.doll
3200Make Lino Noi convinceable?Normale☎ Talkdev.noi
3199Some problems in getlinoNormale☑ Closedhosting
3198TIM KostenkontrolleNormale☉ Openweleup.tim
3197Review maintainers of the PyPI projectsNormale☉ Opencore.deploy
3196Find an alternative solution for mailman and migrate to the new serverNormale⚒ Workingadmin.rumma
3195getlino should install a bash_aliasesNormale☑ Closedhosting
3194Recurive updateState in grid editing. Normale☑ Closedcore.ui.react
3193getlino startsite says command 'x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc' failed with exit status 1Normale☑ Closedhosting
3192Intracom VAT must not go to the invoice's totalNormale☑ Closeddev.cosi
3191Probleme Kalender HeimpflegeNormale☑ Closedcust.sos.presto
3190Contact with Taavi TarkvaraNormale☉ Openadmin.rumma