2915Chooser working on react.Normale⛶ Nouveaucore.ui.react
2914Pass the action request to choosersNormale⚒ Startedcore.inner
2913Update PlutoNormale⛶ NouveauTonis
2912Would storybook be useful for Lino?Normale⛶ Nouveaucore.ui.react
2911Add a link to site owner's privacy statement on every pageHaute⚒ Startedcore.ui.general
2910Cannot set next_partner_idNormale⚒ Startedprod.rumma
2909Notification system reworkNormale☉
2908Update (Così v 19.3.0)Normale☑ Closedprod.rumma
2905etree generates invalid html <div/> when rendering an empty div.Normale☎ Talkcore.inner
2904Welcome page for lino / global mask untill site_data loads. Normale⛶ Nouveaucore.ui.react
2903CSRF tokens for HobbitNormale⛶ Nouveaucore.ui.react
2902html link param values not used when opening grid. Haute☑ Closedcore.ui.react
2901Author of a ticket missed the comments because he wasn't subscribedNormale☉
2899VAT in Lino CosìNormale⚒ Startedprod.rumma
2898Have page nr be part of URL, to stop having backbutton lose your place. Haute☑ Closedcore.ui.react