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#520 (Move accounting plugins from lino.modlib to lino_cosi.lib)

State: Closed (last update 2019-06-17 17:00:19.712296+00:00)
Created 2015-09-12 19:33:05+00:00 by Luc Saffre

Move the following plugins from lino.modlib to lino_cosi.lib:

accounts, ledger, finan, sales, auto.sales, sepa, vat, vatless (and maybe I forgot some. ask if in doubt)

Afterwards you must "just" get "fab initdb test" to work again. There will be failing test cases in Lino, and you need to move these to the cosi repository.

About min2 : i suggest to leave min2 in Lino, but to remove sepa and accounts from its installed_apps. And then you run your tests for #505 in lino_cosi.projects.std instead of min2