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#2456 (ActionFormPanel had no loadMask)

State: Closed (last update 2019-04-25 17:01:10.074033+00:00)
Created 2018-07-27 13:54:54+00:00 by Luc Saffre
Site: cust.btz.dev

Wenn man in MakeCopy auf Enter drückte, dann schien sich nichts zu tun, obwohl der request abgeschickt worden war.

    test sequence : in lydia, go to an existing purchase invoice. Click MakeCopy (popup for action params opens). Hit ENTER to submit. The popup should get grey while the invoice is being created. Click MakeCopy again and check that the new popup is not gray from beginning. (...) (9 months ago by Luc Saffre)