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#2402 (Site subscriptions instead of stars)

State: Ready (last update 2019-01-16 18:01:14+00:00)
Created 2018-05-25 07:41:30+00:00 by Luc
Site: jane.users

Idea : add a new table "site subscriptions" which links a user and a site. This would potentially replace starring a site. Difference with stars is that we remove the possibility to mark individual tickets. You can subscribe to a given site or not, basta. And it would add the notion of "primary site" which becomes the default value for a ticket's site when that user submits a new ticket. 

    Note that this might require to review (or maybe even remove) our beautifully-sophisticated system of stars. We could say that all site subscribers automatically get notified about everything that happens on that site. No more need for manually starring tickets(!). I guess that nobody every has been using stars in reality... (8 months ago by Luc)