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#3160 (ESC closes dialogs without confermation)

State: Talk (last update 2019-09-18 17:01:13.016490+00:00)
Created 2019-08-09 09:33:33.530158+00:00 by Tonis Piip
Site: core.ui.react

related to #3062

PR's dialogs bind a lisener to the document to close the dialog window, so e.stoppropgation doesn't seem to stop the event.

Need to either modify the dialog component, or add some checkers / confermation logic to the event hander to create a confermation dialog...

Currently creates a confermatiing dialog, however it should also close when pressing ESC.

    Suggestor should close with esc and no have confirmation dialog pop up. (15 hours ago by Tonis Piip)
    ESC ESC should close dialog. (...) (15 hours ago by Tonis Piip)
    Added logic and an English confirmation for the dialog windows. (...) (3 weeks, 2 days ago by Tonis Piip)