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#2909 (Notification system rework)

State: Closed (last update 2019-05-24 17:01:31.612373+00:00)
Created 2019-03-20 08:46:41+00:00 by Hamza
Site: core.team

Notification system does not send email in some cases

    This change probably caused #2931. @Tonis, can you look at this? (1 month, 3 weeks ago by Luc Saffre)
    Looks as the default change watching system also triggers when creating a ticket, which is why all subs would get a notificaiton, not just tigares. (...) (1 month, 4 weeks ago by Tonis Piip)
    Luc and I also discussed the idea of having the view notifications button in the welcome message. (...) (2 months ago by Tonis Piip)