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3133TypeError: get_vat_regime_choices() takes from 0 to 2 positional arguments but 3 were givenNormal☑ Closedprod.rumma
3132cron logrotate and awstatsNormal☑ Closedinf.lf.org
3131django_mailbox causes "missing 1 required positional argument: 'on_delete'"Normal☑ Closedcore.inner
3130SimpleRemoteComboFieldElement for reactNormal⛶ Newcore.ui.react
3129Erweiterungen Juli 2019Normal☎ Talkcust.avanti
3128Configure new ajapaik-serverNormal☾ Sleepingcust.ajapaik
3127Shared uploads folder for Hobbit and JaneNormal☑ Closedinf.sr.net
3126Whitespace causes problems on TranslatewikiNormal☑ Closedcust.ajapaik
3125Make Travis use Getlino to install and run the testsNormal☒ Refusedcore.docs
3124What is a project in PyCharm ?Normal☑ Closedinf.luc.doll
3123Authentication issues in ajapaikNormal☾ Sleepingcust.ajapaik
3122Uploads don't work when using react front endCritical⚒ Workingcore.ui.react
3121"self.build_plain_url(*parts, *args, **kw)" is a syntax error in Py2Normal☑ Closedcore.py2to3
3120"self.build_plain_url(*parts, *args, **kw)" is a syntax error in Py2Normal☑ Closedcore.py2to3
3119Activate force_guest_states in AmiciNormal☑ Closedcore.amici