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3021Lehrer Namen aller Teilnehmer sehenNormal☐ Readycust.avanti
3020Editing is broken again.Normal☑ Closedcore.ui.react
3019StopIteration issueNormal⚒ Workingcore.docs
3018Write documentation in German about our sales modelNormal⚒ Workingman.admin
3017monit warns that "supervisor.sock is not running"Normal☉ Openhosting
3016My SSH key had expiredNormal☑ Closedhosting
3015Calendar view says 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'Normal☑ Closedcust.sos.presto
3014Kann in Haushalt keine Adresse eingebenNormal☉ Opencust.sos.presto
3013When a field is used twice in a detail layoutNormal☎ Talkcore.inner
3012Schulung und Support MargareteHigh⚒ Workingcust.sos.presto
3011Change demo project name "adg" to "avanti1", "team" to "noi1", "roger" to "voga1" (etc)Normal⚒ Workingcore.docs
3010subclasses of Report are not shown in the dashboardNormal⚒ Workingcore.inner
3009Übersicht Kurse (courses.StatusReport) wird nicht angezeigtNormal☐ Readycust.avanti
3008AssertionError at /api/working/WorkedHoursNormal☑ Closedcore.docs
3007Debian upgrade Jessie to StretchNormal☎ Talkcust.avanti